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D/HH – Audiology

BHASED audiologists perform comprehensive, educationally relevant, hearing evaluations, interpret results and implications and make recommendations to enhance communication access and learning for children.

Services also include:

  • Manage school-based hearing screening programs
  • Manage audiologic equipment and hearing assistive devices including maintenance and calibration
  • Collect and review audiologic evaluation for children evaluated in other audiological facilities
  • Evaluate and make recommendations for personal hearing instruments, classroom and other hearing assistive technology. Audiologists also educate on technology performance and expectations on these devices
  • Provide training to perform listening checks and basic trouble shooting to maintain proper functioning of personal hearing instruments and hearing assistance technology
  • Participate as member of the school multidisciplinary team including initial and review IEP and 504 meetings to address audiological communication access needs, services and placement determination
  • Lead efforts with students, teacher and parents to provide education regarding the impact of noise exposure and hearing loss prevention measures

Audiology services are provided to children who reside in the 13 school districts the BHASED Cooperative serves.  Children ages 3-21 years can be referred by any source including parents, school staff, physicians, outside agencies, etc.  Children ages birth-3 years may require a referral through the Child and Family Connections (CFC) agency prior to receiving a hearing evaluation.

More information can be obtained by calling and speaking to our secretarial staff.