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Grades 2 – 3 Resources


  • Educational games for ELA, Math, & Science

PBS Kids

  • Math and ELA

Scholastic Learn at Home

  • Activities for families.  Each day includes four separate learning experiences.

Math Score 

  • Adaptive Online Math Practice and Assessment

Khan Academy

  • Math, grammar, science, and history. Khan Academy is available in 40 languages. • Students without laptops can access the Khan Academy website or use the Khan Academy app on smartphones.

Read and Play with Dr. Seuss

Mystery Science 

  • Science

Kids National Geographic

  • Science and Social Studies

History for Kids

  •  Social Studies

Math and Reading Games

  • Link to a Google Doc with a list of math and reading games.

Sight Word Practice

  • 5 online games for sight word practice.

Spelling City

  • Spelling practice program.

Storyline Online

  • Fave kids books read by famous people