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The Bethany Black Hawk Phoenix Program is a behavior day treatment program run by Black Hawk Area Special Education District (BHASED) cooperatively with Bethany for Children and Family Services Inc., a local social service agency operating in The Illinois Quad Cities.

Untitled designThe Phoenix Program educates students between the ages of 11 and 22 years old who have not been successful in their home school districts due to the severity of their behavioral and emotional problems. Local districts within the BHASED cooperative place students at Phoenix Program for pooled, specialized services to address specific needs as identified through the Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) process. The mission of the Phoenix Program is to improve the learning and functioning of referred students; maintain these students in their homes and communities by avoiding residential placement; and improve individual students learning outcomes to help students get to high school graduation and productive post- secondary lives. The Phoenix Program has been providing specialized services to identified students since 1983 in several different buildings before locating in the former Apollo elementary school in Carbon Cliff, Illinois since 2002.

The Phoenix Program successfully maintains over 90% of placed students in their homes and in the local community. Through a combination of specialized educational services and extensive counseling and therapeutic supports, the graduation rate for freshman is 85% after 4 to 5 years, which is well above the usual rate graduation rate of 40% to 50% cited by most research of behavior day treatment programs. A core special education curriculum of academics adjusted to individual student needs as well as a strong emphasis on social skills training is presented by dedicated and skilled special education teams of teachers, paraprofessionals, and social work/counseling staff.

Because of the Bethany services, the Phoenix Program provides extensive individual and family counseling. Family counseling can take place in the home and outside of traditional school hours if necessary. The Phoenix Program also maintains a strong emphasis on case coordination through maintenance of relationships with mental health systems, private agencies, DCFS, court, probation, and parole. A great deal of effort is put into treatment planning with these agencies as needed and community services as indicated in order to support the best possible outcomes for Phoenix students.

If you have questions about the Bethany Black Hawk Phoenix Program, please call 309-796-9000.

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