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Occupational and Physical Therapy Services

Occupational and physical therapy services are provided to students 3-21 years of age who have been found eligible for special education services and whose IEP identified needs warrant such intervention.


Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational therapy is concerned with a person’s ability to participate in desired daily life activities or “occupations”.

Occupational therapists know how to:

  • Observe a student engaging in an activity and provide strategies to facilitate the student’s full participation
  • Reduce barriers that limit student participation within the school environment
  • Use assistive technology to support student success
  • Help plan relevant instructional activities for ongoing implementation in the classroom
  • Assist students in preparing for successful transition into appropriate high school employment, independent living and/or further education.


Physical Therapy Services

Physical therapy is one of the related services under Part B of IDEA and is provided to support the student’s IEP.

Physical Therapists:

  • Gather appropriate information from students, parents, and other team members regarding the child’s functional motor performance in school settings
  • Select, administer and interpret a variety of screening instruments and standardized measurement tools
  • Examine and evaluate eligible students’ strengths and needs to establish their ability to participate in meaningful school activities and routines, with or without assistance
  • Form partnerships and work with other teams members in the school setting to promote an effective physical therapy plan of care
  • Coordinate physical therapy interventions within the school program